The Benefits of Integrating SMS Marketing With a CRM

The Benefits of Integrating SMS Marketing With a CRM

SMS CRM integration is an excellent way to enhance your marketing potential. Companies around the world use text marketing to boost customer relationships. These instant messages allow businesses to provide valuable information and resources to clients.

You can integrate SMS marketing with other aspects of your marketing campaign. It can even improve the effectiveness of social media, email marketing, and more with proper integration. 

What Is SMS CRM?

Customer relationship management systems (CRM) are applications that centralise the interactions between a company and its customers. These tools allow companies to easily manage their sales, customer service, commerce, and marketing. 

Short Message Service (SMS) is a common form of text messaging. Companies that use these tools send and receive text messages like everyone else. 

SMS marketing campaigns function in several ways, including:

  • Promoting new products or services
  • Informing customers about sales
  • Directing customers to resources like brand websites and media
  • Offering friendly reminders for appointments and deadlines
  • Customer service

SMS CRM integration is a great way to downsize a mass text operation into a single intuitive task manager. 

Why Should You Integrate SMS CRM?

The short answer is to save time and money.

Mass text operations demand numerous resources and individuals. They require research specialists, data collection and analysis teams, content writers, and more. Even the most lucrative companies can spend too much money exhausting their manpower.

Technology integration is the solution. A business streamlines its marketing campaign by centralising tasks through a CRM. Let’s look at these benefits closer.

Single Platform Automation

With mass texts, you are likely to receive mass replies. SMS CRM integration ensures that representatives will not need to bounce between platforms when responding to messages. This technology offers time-saving automation that will respond on your behalf. 

A representative can generate predetermined answers for generic replies or FAQs. This solution helps employees focus on messages that require more detail or attention. 

Multi-channel messaging offers more customer interaction with fewer representatives. Another benefit of multi-channel messaging is that it significantly increases the volume of replies a company can handle.

Completing Basic Commands

You can instruct a CRM to complete basic commands for every customer. Many businesses use integrated technology to send appointment reminders and material after calls or visits. This benefit saves the company a significant amount of time. 

By reducing the need for someone to distribute this information personally, they can focus on other meaningful tasks. This tool also allows representatives to change information quickly and easily. A company can add dialogue and revisions at the click of a button.

Data Retention

SMS CRM integration is perfect for retaining messages and data that may be important later. This technology stores past conversations and metrics so specialists can refer to them whenever necessary. For customer service, this is essential.

Grow your relationship with the customer by keeping up with their questions and concerns. 

Suppose an individual had an issue with a product several months ago. In that case, you could access that information if they message you for anything again.

Metrics also help the marketing team track successes and failures in their approach. An integrated SMS CRM system automates messages that average a nearly 40% open rate. Keep track of these details using embedded analytic features.

SMS CRM systems also store phone numbers and groupings. This way, a team does not need to build a list for each campaign from scratch. The management system makes previously tedious record collection simple.

Team Accessibility

The entire team can view and interact with the same interface. This solution keeps everyone on the same page. It also allows the team to share information quickly with other departments or management. 

SMS CRM integration is easy to navigate. Many services take time to format their applications to be as user-friendly as possible. 

Explore SMS CRM Options

Businesses enjoy our range of SMS integrations. Check out some of these great solutions to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Hubspot Integration

Hubspot is one of the leading companies for all things digital marketing. Users particularly enjoy the many email campaign features Hubspot provides.

Unfortunately, most email recipients do not open their marketing messages. SMS astonishingly succeeds with a 90% open rate average. This system sends messages directly to contacts and allows you to respond via Hubspot.

Microsoft Excel Integration

Microsoft Excel is one of the premier software solutions for logging extensive data. Many people use this program to collect email and phone contacts. By using touchSMS integration, you can send a mass text to thousands of people at the click of a button.

Slack Integration

Slack SMS integration lets you message your customers and clients in real-time. This solution is perfect for achieving an unrestricted workflow. Enjoy the option of setting up your own Slack ID to coordinate mass messages. 

QR Code Integration

The QR code revolutionised customer-to-business interactions. Now, you can even integrate SMS functions into this technology. Nearly all modern phones have cameras that route the user to QR destinations.

You can quickly generate a QR code with touchSMS. These codes can share content with users, direct them to check-in locations, and provide feedback questionnaires. When a user scans the code, your automated message will relay information directly to their phone. 

Enhance Your Customer Relationship Today

We can help provide everything you need to streamline your workflow by seamlessly integrating technology so you can focus on a single platform while you work.

We also offer a referral program, so you will earn revenue for every client who also partners with us. 

Our products are intuitive and reliable, helping you avoid the hassle of manually replying to mass texts and collecting data. We protect your privacy with up-to-date technology so you can run your marketing campaign without worry. 

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