ActiveCampaign Integration

touchSMS has developed an ActiveCampaign Integration that brings SMS to your workflows.

touchSMS in ActiveCampaign

Include SMS in your Workflows with touchSMS

Why use SMS in ActiveCampaign?

A “successful” email campaign achieves an open rate of just 20%. That means 8 out of 10 recipients either won’t read it or won’t get to because your email is in their JUNK.

This is tragic in terms of effectively marketing, reminding or alerting customers of anything!

With a typical delivery rate of 99%, SMS is pretty hard to ignore considering most people spend an average of 8 hours a day looking at their phones.

In fact, 90% of delivered messages will be READ WITHIN 3 MINUTES of delivery.

We developed this integration so our customers can add SMS to their Active Campaign workflows, at the cheapest possible price. Simple.


Using touchSMS in ActiveCampaign, you can:


  • Add SMS communication to your workflows
  • Send SMS in bulk to a targeted list
  • Add ActiveCampaign Contacts to touchSMS

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Already signed up for touchSMS?

Now configure your integration with ActiveCampaign.

Get started

      1. In touchSMS navigate to SETTINGS > API KEYS – you’ll need these to copy and paste into ActiveCampaign so keep this tab open.
      2. Login to ActiveCampaign in a new tab
      3. Go to Automations > click Create an Automation
      4. In the Actions Search area, type touchSMS
      5. Click and drag the touchSMS action to the workflow
      6. Enter your API Keys in the configuration and click Connect

This integration allows you the setup SMS for your entire ActiveCampaign account. It is not user-specific – once set up all users will have access to the SMS feature.

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