Slack SMS Integration

Set up the integration in minutes. Send and receive SMS (text messages) directly from your Slack account.

How to send SMS from Slack?

Bring SMS to Slack and start messaging your customers and staff in real-time. Confirm appointments, ask for reviews, offer promotions, the possibilities are endless.

Once set up and touchSMS has been added to Slack, simply type /SMS to initiate an SMS.

touchSMS works in direct messages or channels

Nominate where outbound and inbound SMS are displayed in Slack; you can have these display privately or nominate a specific Slack channel.

touchSMS allows you to manage Sender Id’s for Slack

You also have the flexibility to set your own sender ID for SMS from Slack; your can use our shared reply pool or purchase a virtual number for your account. If you don’t require replies from SMS you send from Slack, you also have the option to set up your business name as your sender ID.

Have multiple Slack users?

With touchSMS you can set up one or many Slack users in your touchSMS account.

Your staff can now have their own private SMS channel or you can centralise an inbox channel for everyone to collaborate with.

Already signed up for touchSMS & Slack?

Now setup our integration with Slack.

How to get started?

      1. Create a touchSMS account
      2. Sign up for Slack
      3. Connect the apps: Log into your touchSMS account to add to Slack.
        You can set up multiple Slack users in your touchSMS account, you can also specify the channel your inbound and outbound SMS appear in if you don’t want them to appear in users private message.

More Integrations


touchSMS has launched a series of Microsoft integrations. Send and receive SMS from within Outlook, Excel and Teams.

Maropost Commerce Cloud

Automatically send personalised order status notifications and abandoned cart alerts by SMS. Import your customers to your touchSMS account to make sending SMS marketing and promotions fast and effective.


Instantly connect SMS via Zapier with 3000+ other apps you use everyday - it's the easiest way to automate your communications.