Maropost Commerce Cloud SMS Integration

touchSMS has partnered up with Maropost to bring you an automated and smart SMS solution.

SMS for Maropost Commerce Cloud

touchSMS provides an automated, streamlined and cost-effective SMS integration via your Maropost Commerce Cloud (formerly Neto) eCommerce platform. The touchSMS solution is a simple, integrated approach allowing for automated and personalised order status notifications and abandoned cart alerts by SMS. The flexibility to choose which sales channels you enable for SMS and the ability to sync your customers to your touchSMS account to make sending SMS marketing and promotions fast and effective.

You also have full access to the complete touchSMS sending suite via our platform for marketing and follow-up SMS interaction – simply sync your contacts into touchSMS for regular and seamless sending.

Using SMS in business. The options are limitless.

An email campaign is considered successful if it achieves an open rate of approx. 20%. The average SMS campaign open rate is 99% with 98% of those opened within the first 3 minutes of being received. That’s successful.

Use SMS to engage and retarget existing customers and to increase your customer base.

How you can use SMS
Compliment sign up emails with a welcome SMS, send immediate order update after-sales, schedule date-triggered SMS marketing message, deliver new arrival via SMS with links to prompt a purchase, use SMS marketing to promote flash sales that drive urgency, trigger renewal or replenish reminders, send important SMS alerts.

Already signed up for touchSMS?

Now connect touchSMS and your Maropost Commerce Cloud online store.

How to get started?

      1. Create a touchSMS account
      2. From your touchSMS Account go to; Integrations > Maropost Commerce Cloud, click configure and follow the prompts.
      3. Connect the apps: Set takes a few minutes, log into your touchSMS account and follow the Maropost Commerce Cloud setup instructions.

Once activated, with the touchSMS Add-on you can:

      • Activate automated order status change SMS. Customers will be notified via SMS of an order status change. You have the flexibility to enable only the SMS status you want sent and the ability to edit each template per status.
      • Include shipping tracking link in order status SMS.
      • Set active channels. Select the sales channels that will result in SMS order notifications.
      • Activate automated abandoned cart SMS notifications. Customers will receive an SMS once their cart enters abandoned status. The Abandoned cart saver add-on must be installed in your Maropost Commerce Cloud control panel to use this feature.
      • Activate customer auto-sync. When activated, all customers in your store will be synced into a contact group in touchSMS. To make sending SMS marketing and promotions fast and effective.
      • Set up an automatic follow-up message for 1 or all order status changes and touchSMS will automatically send this message for you. You can use follow-up messages for collecting feedback or reviews on orders.
      • Enable Log messages in Maropost Commerce Cloud, when enabled, inbound and outbound SMS messages will be logged in Maropost Commerce Cloud as order/sticky notes.
      • Install the touchSMS chrome extension to enable sending SMS messages directly from orders and customer profiles in your Maropost Commerce Cloud control panel.

More Integrations


touchSMS has launched a series of Microsoft integrations. Send and receive SMS from within Outlook, Excel and Teams.


Connect Slack to touchSMS. Send and receive SMS within your slack workspace and specify a channel.


Instantly connect SMS via Zapier with 3000+ other apps you use everyday - it's the easiest way to automate your communications.