JobAdder Integration

touchSMS has partnered with JobAdder making it easier for you to communicate with your candidates, and get a response fast.

touchSMS for JobAdder

Send single and bulk SMS from JobAdder. Improve candidate communication with SMS.

Why use SMS for recruitment?

For recruiters and HR professionals, acquiring top talent and hiring the perfect fit are their ultimate goals. So, it’s important to leverage communication through various platforms and channels where you can engage with potential hires. SMS is an excellent tool to add to your recruitment and hiring strategy.  Boasting an impressive 90-second response rate (compare to email; 90-minutes) it’s easy to see why integrating SMS into your business is so successful.

    • Interview Reminder; Reduce no-shows and missed interview.
    • Integrate with your tools; Send SMS from within JobAdder.
    • Integrate into your recruitment cycle; Initial Contact, Follow-up, Reconnecting.
    • Keep candidates up to date; Inform candidates of application status and/or new job openings.

Why SMS is so effective for recruiting?

With almost as many handsets in circulation as there are people on earth, SMS is perhaps the most widely accepted form of communication available. 98% of text messages are read by their intended recipient with 3 minutes of delivery. The immediacy and rate of successful delivery make it more effective for reminders, alerts, and notifications than email.

    • Improves efficiencies and saves time
    • Real-time communication
    • Minimised costs
    • Streamline recruitment processes

Already signed up for touchSMS?

Now enable your integration in JobAdder.

How to get started?

      1. Create a touchSMS account and add credits
      2. Connect the apps and configure your JobAdder integration.
      3. Once connected you can start sending SMS straight from JobAdder.

What can I do once touchSMS is connected in JobAdder?

Send SMS directly to candidates and contacts from their profile – messages sent are recorded in their Activity log, so you never lose track of your conversations.

Save time by sending messages in bulk from JobAdder Workflows, Candidate, Applications or Job screens, then personalise each message by inserting merge fields into your message content.

Find yourself sending the same SMS? Create SMS templates to save time.

More Integrations


Connect Slack to touchSMS. Send and receive SMS within your slack workspace and specify a channel.


touchSMS has launched a series of Microsoft integrations. Send and receive SMS from within Outlook, Excel and Teams.


Instantly connect SMS via Zapier with 3000+ other apps you use everyday - it's the easiest way to automate your communications.