SMS for Healthcare

Need to send reminders of upcoming appointments?

SMS has become the most direct and reliable form of communication for businesses no matter which industry you are in. Using SMS for healthcare not only saves you time and money but almost ensures an immediate response. Unlike email which is 20%, SMS open rate is 99% with 98% being open within the first 3 minutes of being received.


Send appointment reminders, prompt patients of important information and wait times through your patient database or from the TouchSMS platform.


Speak to us about the possibility of integrating SMS into your current software.

Mr Thompson, this is a reminder of your upcoming appointment with Dr Davis on Thursday 23rd June, at 3.30pm. Please reply YES to confirm or NO and we will call to reschedule or call us on 9999 9999
Dear Stephanie, thank-you for choosing Clinic Labs. We value your feedback regarding your recent visit. Please complete this quick 2 minutes survey - Help us make your experience the best it can be.
Mrs Adams, your pathology results have arrived. Please contact us on 9999 9999 to schedule your appointment with Dr Francis as all results must be delivered in person.

How you can use touchSMS

Send appointment reminders, prompt patients of important information and wait times through your patient database or from the touchSMS platform.

Bulk SMS

Send a single SMS to an entire contact list in less than a minute. Setup contacts in touchSMS for quick sending, import a file of number or copy and paste a list to send to. Great for sending information to patients about trading hours etc.

SMS Scheduling

Schedule promotional SMS to be sent at a later date/time. Create recurring SMS for appointments etc eg. send message every week/month/year.

Free Replies

Send using our shared reply pool to allow your recipients to respond to your messages. Replies are stored in touchSMS web inbox and sent to you email as soon as they are received.


All messages – sent and received, are logged in touchSMS, to ensure all communication is measured and traceable with live delivery receipts.

Virtual Numbers

Send SMS to your recipients from a unique mobile number – have those recipients text in to you any time on the same number. A Virtual Number becomes your mobile identity so you recipients know it’s you the second they receive your message.

API Integrations

touchSMS has a number of simple API’s that allow your software to communicate with ours. If you have a developer, they can use these to integrate SMS into your software – if you don’t, WE DO! Talk to us about how we custom build a solution for you.


Our Zapier integration allows you to seamlessly connect SMS into 1000’s of platforms. We’ve already connected touchSMS with Acuity Scheduling. Click here to discover how you can connect with 1000’s of applications using the touchSMS zap or contact us to help.

Test drive touchSMS with 10 credits on us!


SMS Services for your Business


    Our simple and easy to use online platform allows you to send messages directly from your browser NO downloads, simply sign up and start sending!


    Perfect for brands wanting a permanent SMS presence, send and receive SMS from the same number. Create inbound campaigns, add keywords with unique automated response and gather valuable customer feedback.


    Simple but powerful API’s allow for developers to integrate SMS within existing applications. Direct SMS integrations with platforms like MYOB, Xero, MailChimp, WooCommerce or through Zapier are quick, easy and ready to go.


    EmailSMS allows you to send SMS as quickly and easily as you send an email combining the familiarity of your email platform with the convenience of SMS.