Integrate SMS into your new or existing application using our easy to use REST API. Start sending and receiving messages in minutes.


Integrate SMS into your application

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touchSMS offers a set of powerful APIs, allowing you to easily integrate SMS communications into your product.  Whether you build it yourself or request a tailor-made solution, you can rest assured that we have the SMS functionality you need.

REST API for easy integration

touchSMS has a well documented, intuitive API to allow quick and easy integrations with existing or new code bases. Our APIs are designed to support a range of needs, from transactional messaging (eg, OTP codes) to bulk marketing sends (our API supports up to 1000 messages per call)

Security and Data Protection

Our API requires account specific API Keys, and enforces HTTPs to ensure account security. At any time you can enable or disable API keys to control your SMS traffic.

Our servers are located on shore across multiple different AWS data centres. Data is stored encrypted at rest.

Inbound / Delivery Receipt Webhooks and Callbacks

Need to process inbound messages, or receive updates on the delivery status of sent messages? Our robust webhook infrastructure will deliver inbound messages and DLRs (delivery receipts)  directly to your configured endpoints. If required, polling endpoints are also available.

Dedicated Virtual Numbers

Numbers are the Caller ID, or from field that your messages will come from. Although not mandatory for API use, we recommend users lease their own Dedicated Virtual Number to send and receive messages through the API.

Don’t have a developer onboard but interested in an SMS integration? Talk to us about an integrated solution for you.

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Connecting with our API is straight-forward. Make a request to our system and receive a JSON response.

Code Libraries and Sample Code

Our API is really simple, with only a few lines of code you can send an SMS to any mobile number in Australia and New Zealand.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "messages": [
            "to": "0412345678",
            "from": "SMSTEST",
            "body": "hello world"

API Options

Our API is flexible, it allows you to send and receive SMS as well as check your account balance with a simple request.

PHP – Composer

composer require touchsms/touchsms

Node JS – NPM

npm install touchsms Try run this code in your browser.

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Microsoft Integrations

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