Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS through email

What is Email to SMS?

TouchSMS’s Email to SMS gateway allows you to send emails and have them received as SMS. With our email to SMS services, you can send your contacts emails from virtually anywhere as long as you have access to an email client. Most major email clients are compatible with our platform, so you’re only one step away from easier communication with your contacts.

How you can use Email SMS for your business

Appointment Reminders

Get all the convenience of sending an email with the response time of sending a text message. Appointment reminders are too important to get lost in a contact’s inbox. Ensure that your client knows when to come in by sending messages using your client.

Emergency Notifications

Emergencies happen, and email to SMS services are perfect for those situations. Communicating with your contacts in a timely manner is imperative in any crisis. Even teammates who don’t use the SMS gateway can get the important information out quickly without fussing with a system they rarely use.

Staff Communication

Internal communication is much easier with an email to SMS service. Whether you need to deliver a reminder or get a shift filled, using the SMS gateway is the fastest way. Meet your staff where they are—right on their phones. Don’t let staff notifications, shift coverage requests, or meeting reminders get lost in their email inbox ever again.

Parcel Delivery Updates

Contacts, especially those who have made purchases, like feeling close to the action. Using the email to SMS service, you can send status updates on their parcel. With automation, you can keep your workload light while retaining the ability to monitor sent and received messages.

Marketing Communication

Once your contacts opt in, you can keep them up to date with SMS messages. Send your customers offers, promotional updates, and more to maintain the relationship. For marketing teams that rely on imagery-driven communication, include links with more information when you send SMS messages.

How to send text messages using email?

Sending text messages as emails using our platform is very simple and straight forward:

  1. Open your email client of choice. Make sure the email address you’re using to send the SMS message is registered on your touchSMS approved sender list. This prevents any unauthorised messages from going out.
  2. Add the contact’s phone number in the “To:” email address field followed by
  3. Make sure you’re starting with a blank email. Erase email signatures, logos, and anything else not pertinent to the SMS.
  4. Type your message in exactly as you want it to arrive in your contact’s inbox.
  5. Double-check your messages for any typos.
  6. Leave the subject line empty and send.
  7. Within seconds, touchSMS online reporting will indicate that your SMS message arrived.
  8. Any replies sent to your SMS will arrive at the email address you sent the message from.

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The benefits of an email SMS gateway

Using an email to SMS gateway is convenient, but that’s not the only benefit. This service was built to improve your communication processes.

Approve multiple users to send emails through the touchSMS platform. This ensures that only approved staff are sending emails.

Receive a full, real-time delivery report no matter how many contacts were on your recipient list. You’ll know who received your SMS.

Easily use the platform. There’s no training required because you’re already using your preferred email client.

Eliminate the middle man. We love it when you visit the platform online, but we made it even easier for you. Stay in your email client and get your messages where they need to go with no hassle.

Implement this process easily. There is no new software, so there is no extra training required for your team.

Avoid using personal phones to send work-related text messages. You won’t need to invoice your job for the cost of the text messages with touchSMS’ email to SMS service.

Save money. It’s more cost-effective than making bulk phone calls.

Access local tech support. With a team in Australia, you’re one message or call away from a touchSMS professional to help you troubleshoot any issues.

Be worry-free. Our reliable platform ensures your data is fully secure.

Get higher open rates. More of your contacts will receive and read your message than with any other communication method.