One platform, endless options.

Our online SMS platform allows you to communicate with staff members or customers. To get started, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser, it only takes a few minutes to upload all of your contacts after you sign up – or copy and paste a list of numbers to send to. After that, you can start sending your first text online text message right away.

Don’t want to send a message right now? Schedule it and forget about it. touchSMS ensures that your scheduled messages go out on time and with real-time reporting, you can see delivery receipts within a few seconds.

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Contact Management

Managing your contacts online has never been easier. Separate your contacts into groups to make sure your customers only get messages relevant to them. You can use those contact groups to send an individualised text messages like account updates and appointment reminders also send bulk web SMS messages like sale notifications or internal staff communications.

Formatting your Online SMS messages

Formatting your text message is simple – once you log into touchSMS on your web browser, you can create message templates for future use. Using templates saves time and ensures consistency for your business. The merge field tool also allows you to personalise messages from your account.

Receiving Online SMS messages

touchSMS gives you access to two-way SMS. Your customers can respond to your messages and you can access replies from the touchSMS web inbox – you will also be notified by email that you have received a message back.

Auto-replying to online SMS messages

Set up auto-reply messages to customers when sending SMS from a Virtual Number using key words. touchSMS directly engages with keywords set by your team, ensuring quick response times.

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touchSMS Features

We’ve packed touchSMS with the features you need and love.

Two-Way SMS

Send and receive SMS directly from touchSMS using a shared reply number or your own Virtual Number.

Bulk SMS

Compose and send SMS to multiple numbers within seconds with the click of a button.

Merge SMS via .CSV

Upload your file to send a personalised message to multiple recipients.

Schedule & Recurring SMS

Send your message at a later time/date, you can even set up your schedule to repeat at intervals of your choice.

Message Personalisation

With access to merge fields you can personalise each message sent from your touchSMS account.

Sender ID Options

Use your business name as a Sender ID or select your own Virtual Number when sending.

Contact & Group Management

Import or create contacts and setup groups to send targeted SMS campaigns in seconds.

Template Management

Setup SMS templates for accuracy and efficiency, saving you time.

Real Time Reporting

View real time reporting of all outbound and Inbound SMS including delivery confirmation.

Email SMS

Send SMS directly from your email! Add multiple email address to your account for Email SMS functionality.

SMS API Integrations

Use our flexible API's to develop and enable sending and receiving SMS from your existing applications.

Direct Integrations

touchSMS offers a number of direct integrations to allow users to send SMS from popular applications.

Virtual Number Management

Purchasing a Virtual Number will allow sending and receiving of messages from one unique number.

Text In Keywords

Direct engagement with keywords. Used in conjunction with your Virtual Number to customise your SMS marketing campaigns.

Virtual Number Auto Replies

Tailor a message to be sent automatically when you receive an inbound SMS to your Virtual Number.

Opt Out Management

Opt outs are automatically managed ensuring you are 100% compliant. Simply include an opt out in your marketing campaigns.

URL Opt Out

Still want to use a branded sender ID but need to offer an opt out? Use touchSMS opt out form which automatically updates your opt out list.

Spam Compliance

touchSMS will assist you in complying with local spam and marketing laws via our reporting transparency and opt out management.