Enterprise Solution

Edgility for Enterprise

Get all the functionality of touchSMS, with the addition of a hierarchical user structure, post-paid billing and SSO provisioning, with our Edgility platform.

What is the difference between touchSMS and Edgility?

The Edgility platform allows for multiple users on a single account, permission-based user profiles, partitioned reporting, post-paid billing and SSO connectivity.

  • Multi-User Access

    One account with multiple users.

  • 30 Day Billing Terms

    Post-paid Enterprise Account

  • SSO Connectivity

    Connect and manage users via SSO

  • User Permissions

    Permission based user profiles

Edgility Pricing

Enterprise post paid packages with 30 day payment terms.

Who should consider Edgility?

Enterprise clients with multiple staff, and who require partitioned access to SMS communication and reporting. Accounts requiring users at different permission levels, overarching user provisioning and reporting of communication. Customers who prefer a post billing arrangement with 30 day payment terms (direct debit required).

Extensive API and in house develoment.

API documentation and off the shelf integrations make implementing SMS into your existing envrionment, super easy. While our in-house development team is available for advice and assistance with more complex integrations.

Hierarchical User Account Structures

As an enterprise customer, you have the flexibility of setting up account at different administrative levels, according on your business structure and management requirements.

Reach you customers with SMS

touchSMS Integrations


Connect Slack to touchSMS. Send and receive SMS within your slack workspace and specify a channel.


touchSMS has launched a series of Microsoft integrations. Send and receive SMS from within Outlook, Excel and Teams.


touchSMS has partnered with HubSpot to increase engagement with your customers. Send SMS to Contacts, Lists and from Workflows with touchSMS.