Referral Partner

Rust your clients on by introducing them to SMS via products that you are currently supporting. Join the touchSMS referral partner program and be rewarded.

How does our Referral Partner Program work?

Earn a percentage of revenue every time one of your referrals becomes a paying touchSMS customer.

  • Join the program

    Sign up for free and register to be part of the referral program

  • Refer your Clients

    Share your referral link with others

  • Be Rewarded

    Earn a percentage of every dollar your client spends

  • Continue Sharing

    The more you share the more you can earn!

Become a Partner

Sign up today and join the referral program.

Why join the Referral Partner Program?

When you join the touchSMS Referral Partner Program, you’ll be rewarded when you bring new customers to the touchSMS ecosystem — all while growing your network relationships and strengthening your partnerships expertise.

Hassle-free support from touchSMS

The touchSMS Team will take care of onboarding, training, and support. All you have to do is be our advocate!

Get rewarded for every dollar your customer spends

As a referral partner, you’ll earn commission for every dollar your customer spends calculated and paid every month. No minimums, no targets!

Reach you customers with SMS

touchSMS Integrations


Connect Slack to touchSMS. Send and receive SMS within your slack workspace and specify a channel.


touchSMS has launched a series of Microsoft integrations. Send and receive SMS from within Outlook, Excel and Teams.


touchSMS has partnered with HubSpot to increase engagement with your customers. Send SMS to Contacts, Lists and from Workflows with touchSMS.