SMS Chat

SMS has become more interactive, respond immediately to your customers, staff & leads with our two-way SMS chat feature.

Reach you customers with SMS

What is SMS Chat?

Quick and easy way to send and reply to text messages and have two-way conversations.

SMS Alerts and reminders are great, but conversations are even better. Conversational tools are the key to customer satisfaction, repurchase, and retention. SMS continues to be the most reliable and accepted communications medium today. The new touchSMS Chat feature takes this one step further by allowing you to efficiently manage conversations.

Conversations appear as they would on your phone, with chat threads grouped by the recipient. Each message thread will be chronologically displayed. touchSMS Chat is real-time, meaning inbound messages received will pop up instantly in your chat thread, so you can keep the conversation going.

You’ll be notified of new inbound messages in-app – you won’t miss a thing. Search by contact or number to locate and continue your message thread or start a whole new chat instantly. Use our enhanced message composition tools, like dynamic Sender ID selection and pre-saved SMS templates to standardise communication and save time.

SMS Chat Features

SMS Thread
Keep track of your message replies and the conversation. Each conversation (outbound and inbound SMS) to a single mobile number regardless of whether they are saved as a contact appears in a single SMS thread just like on your mobile phone.

Conversations are grouped by mobile number. Recipient numbers can be saved as contacts directly from the chat screen for quick identification.

Real-time Communication
Keep the conversation going, inbound SMS appear instantly in your SMS Chat, allowing you to follow up in a timely manner.

Save time with SMS Templates
Never write the same message over and over. Quickly create a template and select it from the SMS Chat for quick sending.

Optional email alerts
Enable optional email alerts for new inbound text messages.

Trial touchSMS with 10 credits on us!

Full Access Account. No contracts, set up or monthly fees.

The Benefits of Using Two-Way SMS

SMS Marketing Campaigns
Encourage customers to text in a keyword, which triggers an automated response and builds your marketing database.

Bulk Alerts & Notifications
Send updates, notifications and alerts using a single number that your customers, staff or community can identify and trust.

Feedback & Surveys
Follow-up with a survey to your customers and allow them to reply directly. Set up rules associated with inbound keywords.

Appointment Reminders
Keep track of appointment confirmations, rescheduling or cancellations and reduce no-shows by sending booking reminders.

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