SMS Chat

Real-Time Conversations with SMS Chat

Conversational Messaging

We’ve just made SMS MORE interactive with SMS Chat.

SMS Alerts and reminders are great, but conversations are even better. Conversational tools are the key to customer satisfaction, repurchase, and retention. SMS continues to be the most reliable and accepted communications medium today. The new touchSMS Chat feature takes this one step further by allowing you to efficiently manage conversations.

Conversations appear as they would on your phone, with chat threads grouped by recipient. Each message thread will be chronologically displayed. touchSMS Chat is real-time, meaning inbound messages received will pop up instantly in your chat thread, so you can keep the conversation going.

You’ll be notified of new inbound messages in-app – you won’t miss a thing. Search by contact or number to locate and continue your message thread or start a whole new chat instantly. Use our enhanced message composition tools, like dynamic Sender ID selection and pre-saved SMS templates to standardise communication and save time.



Chats are grouped by recipient and contact. Recipient numbers can be saved as contacts from the chat screen for quick identification.
Threaded SMS

Threaded SMS

Now you can view your outbound and inbound messages to each recipient in threaded chat format, so you can keep track of the conversation.
Continue the Conversation

Continue the Conversation

Keep the conversation going with direct chat sending. Dynamically choose your Sender ID and select from pre-saved SMS templates for quick sending.

SMS Chat Highlights

Inbound SMS Chat Alerts

Alert badges appear instantly in your chat screen to ensure you can respond in a timely manner.

Real-time Communication

Replies from your contacts appear instantly in your SMS Chat thread, so you never miss a beat.

Enhance Service and Support

Perfect for providing immediate concierge or support, SMS Chat allows you to streamline response based services.

Speed Up Response Times

Your chat thread ensures you stay in the loop of your conversation and speeds up your response time.

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