Microsoft Excel

We’ve just launched Australia’s first SMS for Microsoft Excel integration.

SMS for Excel

Sending bulk SMS just got easier. It’s as simple as click, highlight and send.

How to send SMS from Excel?

Sending SMS to 10 contacts or 10,000 contacts takes less than a minute with touchSMS’ SMS for Excel. Contact your whole client base right away and personalise each message.

Once everything is setup, open your spreadsheet in Excel, select and highlight the cells/columns containing your data, and then click load. Using the merge fields, you can blend data from each selected column into your SMS, allowing you to personalise your SMS in an instant. Compose your SMS, preview campaign and you’re ready to send.

Why SMS is so effective?

With almost as many handsets in circulation as there are people on earth, SMS is perhaps the most widely accepted form of communication available. 98% of text messages are read by their intended recipient with 3 minutes of delivery. The immediacy and rate of successful delivery make it more effective for reminders, alerts, and notifications than email.

Already signed up for touchSMS?

Now download the Add-in Excel.

How to get started?

      1. Create a touchSMS account and add credits
      2. Download and install the touchSMS for Excel Add-in
      3. Connect the apps: Setup takes a few minutes, log into your touchSMS account to create your API key.
      4. Once connected you can start sending SMS straight from Excel.

More Integrations


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