Text Messaging Insights: Intriguing Stats You Shouldn’t Miss

Text Messaging Insights: Intriguing Stats You Shouldn’t Miss

Text messaging has evolved from a mere tool for personal communication to a powerful business medium. The global pandemic has further accelerated its use, making it an even more integral part of our daily lives.

Instead of expressing our admiration for the beauty of SMS, we’ll let the statistics do the talking.

Here’s a roundup of the most revealing text messaging and SMS marketing data from 2022:

The Basics of Text Messaging Statistics:

Text messages dominate email with a 5x higher open rate.

98% of text messages are viewed within the first 2 minutes, whereas emails lag behind with only a 20% open rate.

An astonishing 53% of consumers look at their texts 11 times daily.

While this might seem excessive, Gen Z doesn’t think so. In comparison, only 29% check their emails with the same frequency. Moreover, a majority have their SMS notifications turned on.

SMS has 6x the user base compared to OTT messenger apps.

Although apps like WhatsApp and Messenger are gaining traction for personal communication, when it comes to business, SMS stands out. Why? SMS is universally accessible without needing app installations, and it’s compatible across all mobile OS. Additionally, OTT messengers have limitations when it comes to sending bulk messages, while SMS excels in this arena.

A staggering 91.54% of people own a mobile device.

In 2022, with 7.26 billion users, nearly 92% of the global population owns a mobile phone.

Text messages dwarf emails with a 750% better response rate.

Emails have a mere 6% response rate, whereas texts enjoy a whopping 45%. This makes SMS a powerful tool for promotions.

How Consumers Utilise Their Mobile Phones:

More than half of smartphone owners favour SMS.

A significant 65% of smartphone users prefer SMS over other messaging platforms.

75% of Gen Z and Millennials shop online using their smartphones.

This presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to engage them via SMS, be it for cart reminders or targeted promotions.

Mobile contributes to 54% of global web traffic.

With such vast mobile engagement, SMS emerges as a potent channel for businesses.

A remarkable 96% of Gen Z have smartphones.

Mostly preferring iPhones over Androids, yet, they still favor traditional texting over internet-based chat services.

For 45% of adults, mobile phones have become their primary shopping tool.

Gone are the days of making phone inquiries or wandering stores. Smartphones have revolutionised the shopping experience.

Why SMS Should Be Your Go-to for Customer Interaction

Texts are a preferred choice for customer support.

60% of consumers would rather use SMS than emails or calls for support needs, appreciating its immediacy and convenience.

A significant 54% of consumers are annoyed when they can’t respond via text.

Moreover, nearly 13% are more inclined towards businesses offering two-way texting.

Three-quarters of consumers prefer shipping updates through SMS.

For businesses, SMS emerges as a favoured channel for order tracking and updates.

A vast 75% of consumers are receptive to promotional messages via SMS.

Moreover, 41% actively respond to such offers, providing businesses with valuable insights.

In 2022, 70% of consumers opted in for business text messages.

The growth rate for such opt-ins has increased by 12% from the previous year.

Appointment reminders via SMS are invaluable for 64% of consumers.

Such reminders significantly reduce missed appointments and are highly valued by customers.

61% of consumers desire a two-way communication channel with businesses.

They want the flexibility to message businesses about various concerns, from appointments to shipping and support.

More than half of the consumers are swayed by multimedia SMS.

Including GIFs, images, or videos in marketing texts can boost sales, with 51% of consumers more likely to make a purchase.

SMS boasts an impressive click-through rate.

Texts often have click-through rates ranging between 20-35%, overshadowing the subpar 3% rate for emails.

What Businesses Are Doing with SMS:

55% of businesses have adopted SMS for customer communication.

If you haven’t incorporated SMS, your competitors probably have.

A massive 83% of consumers received a business text in 2020.

This indicates the growing acceptance of SMS as a legitimate business communication tool.

60% of business owners intend to up their SMS budgets.

Their willingness to invest more indicates the undeniable results SMS brings.

The pandemic spurred SMS adoption.

34% of businesses incorporated SMS during the pandemic and continue to do so, having seen its effectiveness.

Real estate is at the forefront of SMS adoption.

73% of businesses in the real estate sector use SMS, outpacing sectors like agriculture, entertainment, construction, and utilities.

The number of consumers opting in for texts might reach 8 billion by 2023.

The continuously rising numbers present a golden opportunity for marketers.

Due to the expansive mobile audience, 52.2% of marketers have invested in SMS.

With 83.72% of the global population owning smartphones, the potential for SMS is immense.

For 53.75% of marketers, the rapid delivery of SMS is its primary advantage.

This speed, combined with the extensive mobile user base, makes texting a go-to strategy for businesses.

The SMS opt-in rate has been on the rise for 41% of marketers.

Consumer preferences are shifting towards more SMS engagements.

For marketers, SMS has been a revenue magnet.

A whopping 96% reported a spike in their earnings due to SMS, with 60% witnessing substantial revenue growth.

Enhancing Your Campaign Strategy:

Time-sensitive promotions can boost opt-ins.

49.9% of consumers are more likely to opt in if there’s a sense of urgency. Additionally, 42.5% are keen on “back in stock” notifications.

Boost your engagement by 25.4%📱📈 using emojis in social media.

Why not leverage this in your SMS campaigns?

Campaigns integrating SMS witness a 47.7% higher conversion rate.

If you’re looking to amplify your campaigns, consider adding SMS to the mix.

34% of consumers took the initiative to text businesses without prior engagement.

Having a Virtual Number for texting can be a game-changer.

On Black Friday, there was a 68% surge in business texts.

This led to a 57% increase in orders, and the trend continued throughout the Black Friday weekend.

If these statistics haven’t convinced you about the potency of SMS for your business, feel free to discuss your goals with us. If you’re convinced, well, you know your next step – get in touch with us today!