Step-By-Step Guide On Streamlining Your SMS Campaign Processes

Step-By-Step Guide On Streamlining Your SMS Campaign Processes

Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to connect with your target audience is through streamlined SMS campaign processes.

SMS campaigns are a great way to quickly attract many customers or clients. Over 65% of the population uses text messages, and texts have one of the highest open rates compared to emails and other messages.

These campaigns allow you to cast a wide net to thousands of potential customers at once, which boosts engagement with your product or service. With touchSMS, you can manage all of your SMS campaigns online.

As a more affordable alternative to a conventional marketing strategy, SMS marketing campaigns are great tools that are easy to implement.


What Is an SMS Campaign?

An SMS campaign is an opt-in marketing strategy using text messages to connect with customers. Generally, SMS marketing messages promote time-sensitive offers or products or services in high demand. Ultimately, the goal is two-fold:

      • Increase brand loyalty
      • Inform customers of special offers


Why Run an SMS Campaign?

There are many benefits to using SMS marketing tools alongside traditional advertisement strategies.


      • SMS campaigns are affordable: The most appealing aspect of SMS campaigns is the price. With many companies focusing on social media marketing, the price to advertise on those platforms is rising. Though SMS campaigns are more costly than email marketing, they’re significantly less pricy than other digital marketing options.
      • People read texts: Unlike emails, nearly 100% of recipients open a text message. This is a tremendous advantage for SMS marketing campaigns. Since people open over 90% of text messages within just three minutes, time-sensitive promotions are especially effective.
      • Anyone can create an SMS campaign: One of the best aspects of an SMS campaign is its simplicity. All you have to do is come up with engaging copy for your audience. With platforms like touchSMS, users can send bulk messages, optimise scheduling and answering, and even monitor keyword usage.


Before sending out texts in your SMS campaign, make sure you have permission to contact the clients. There are specific spam regulations you must follow here in Australia. In addition to needing permission, you must also properly identify your business and allow recipients to unsubscribe from messages.


Five Steps to Streamline Your SMS Campaign Process

Follow these five steps to boost your SMS marketing campaigns and reach more customers.


      1. Identify Your Target Audience
        One of the most important steps to streamline your SMS campaign processes is to quickly identify your target audience. You wouldn’t use the same tactics to engage with a 40-year-old as you would with a 20-year-old. By concretely identifying your target audience, you won’t waste your time pitching promotions to people who aren’t interested in your services.While a lot of research should go into properly identifying your target audience, there are a few things you can do right now to start getting focused. Two things you can do right now are looking at Google Analytics and creating personas that match your ideal customers. Both of these methods help you begin to build a target demographic.
      2. Personalise Your SMS Campaign
        Sending personalised messages improves the effectiveness of an SMS campaign. While it sounds time-consuming, personalising texts can be quite straightforward. Using information supplied by customers alongside their phone numbers, you can send messages referring to each recipient by name.touchSMS’s personalisation option automatically merges fields in your contacts to your messages.
      1. Write Clean Copy
        Because SMS campaigns depend solely on the written word, writing clean and concise copy is essential. SMS text messages must be 160 characters or less. Unlike other marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns do not typically have any graphic design elements. That means the text has to connect with your target audience on its own by being concise yet engaging.Some campaigns use multimedia messaging services (MMS), allowing images and longer texts up to 1,600 characters. While a company can rely more heavily on pictures with MMS, it is still vital that the copy captures the audience’s attention.
      2.  Schedule SMS Delivery
        The easiest way to streamline an SMS campaign is to set up scheduled SMS delivery. Because some deals and promotions are time-sensitive, it’s crucial to write the message ahead of time and schedule it to deliver at the right moment.With touchSMS’s Online SMS Platform, you can schedule your SMS message delivery and set up auto-replying for customers who respond.
      3. Choose an All-in-one SMS Marketing Platform
        While SMS campaigns are effective on their own, integrating your strategy with other apps improves its efficacy. With touchSMS’s SMS REST API, you can integrate your campaign with many popular apps such as Mircosoft Office Suite, Slack, and Macro Commerce Cloud. We’re constantly expanding our integrated apps to continue streamlining the process for you.


By integrating your SMS strategy with touchSMS, you can immediately streamline your SMS campaign processes. Give us a call at 1300 794 419 or send an email to get started on your own SMS campaign!