Increase Customer Engagement with Personalised Bulk SMS Messages

Increase Customer Engagement with Personalised Bulk SMS Messages

Customer engagement is vital to maintaining a decent return on investment (ROI). Marketing strategies like personalised bulk SMS can significantly boost brand awareness and help form genuine connections with your contact lists. Bulk communications between vendors and customers provide interested individuals with crucial information, special offers, and more incentives to maintain loyalty.

Whether you have a smartphone or an older flip phone, you can receive SMS messages. MMS messages are another instrumental message type common for customer engagement. No matter how you choose to personalise messages, both offer benefits, including an increased bottom line without extensive expenses.

Understanding Personalised Bulk Messaging

Individuals visit your website and can sign up to get text alerts regarding promotions and other relevant information. SMS personalised bulk messaging is mass texting that allows you to send SMS to these interested target audience members. After collecting their phone numbers, you can reach them directly with two-way SMS or MMS.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Personalisation

Customers don’t want a robotic, inhuman interaction. Personalised bulk SMS gives your target audience a personal touch that makes them feel like you care. With personalised campaign strategies, you can experience benefits including:

      • Increased ROI: Bulk SMS increases your return on investment as it keeps customers engaged. Customers who feel appreciated are likelier to continue getting your services or products. SMS marketing’s low costs also contribute to the larger ROI.
      • Better customer experience: SMS is a quick way to get feedback on your business’s offerings. Consistent bulk customer outreach can help you gain insight into where you can improve your website, services, and products. You can also hear directly from site visitors.
      • Improved customer trust: Providing quality tidbits of information and facilitating or confirming positive interactions through text makes you appear as an industry authority. It strengthens customers’ trust in your business.

Ways to Increase Customer Engagement with Personalised Bulk SMS Campaigns

There are many ways to improve customer loyalty and incentivise customers to engage with your company via personalised bulk SMS. From confirming transactions to personalising customer discounts and providing text alerts, the sky’s the limit.

      • Create instant acknowledgment: Whether you confirm a successful purchase or appointment scheduling, instantly acknowledging customers’ activity via bulk SMS increases their security in your processes.
      • Update customers regularly: Sending text alerts, reminding customers of upcoming appointments, announcing new products, and keeping them in the loop via SMS further maintains their connection.
      • Share exclusive special offers: Sharing customer-exclusive offers and discount codes is an effective way to make customers feel special and increase their likelihood of making a purchase.
      • Provide quality information: Your business can also increase engagement by sharing valuable, accurate information about relevant offerings, from event invitations to educational content.
      • Engage in genuine conversations: From answering your customers’ questions to asking them for honest feedback, you can improve engagement by having real conversations with your target audience and listening to them. 

Utilise Bulk SMS Marketing Strategies with touchSMS

You can best utilise a personalised bulk SMS strategy by working with experienced SMS marketing professionals. Our team at touchSMS has the necessary expertise to increase your customer engagement and brand awareness through mass text messaging campaigns. We use advanced applications to create and implement successful bulk SMS marketing strategies. No matter your industry, we’ll help you reach your goals with personalised bulk SMS.

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