How to Use SMS Messaging in Schools and Childcare Centres

How to Use SMS Messaging in Schools and Childcare Centres

Using SMS in the finance sector provides more benefits than you might think. They help numerous financial services advertise upcoming sales and even remind customers of important appointments that might have slipped their minds during a busy work week. However, SMS messages can also benefit schools and childcare centres, keeping parents up-to-date with important information about their children and community.

That’s why our team at touchSMS put together a guide to teach you about school and daycare SMS messaging programs and their benefits.

We specialise in creating advanced SMS messaging systems that help your up-and-coming business operate smoothly and more efficiently. Our commercial SMS messaging software will keep your customers informed, reduce your workload, increase client response rates, and more, allowing your company to reach its true potential.

Continue reading to learn how to use SMS in the finance sector so your school or childcare centre can thrive.

Four Benefits of Integrating SMS Messaging Software in Schools and Childcare Centres

Communicating with parents is essential for instilling trust and keeping them in the loop about important events or situations regarding their children. However, calling or emailing each parent is incredibly time-consuming and prevents you from performing other essential tasks. 

That’s why more Australian schools and childcare centres are starting to integrate SMS with their normal operations to help them contact parents and inform them about upcoming activities, their child’s behaviour, and more.

Below are some prevalent benefits of SMS messaging software in schools and childcare centres.

1. Notifies Parents About Important Events

Several financial institutions utilise SMS in the finance sector to notify customers of sales, holiday store hours, and other important events. Schools and daycare centres use SMS software similarly by alerting parents of field trips, class cancellations, and more without contacting them individually.

Mass SMS messages allow you to contact each parent simultaneously, keeping them in the loop while you focus on improving your classroom or daycare centre. They also enable you to send vital information to family members during emergencies, alerting hundreds of parents in a few seconds or less. Teachers can also check their messages’ open rates to ensure parents receive their texts.

2. Reports Potential Truancy

Some mischievous students skip school and evade notifying their parents to avoid repercussions. Although these pupils can’t elude the school’s disciplinary actions, many escape parental chastisement if the school can’t contact their parents promptly. However, SMS messaging allows principals and teachers to contact parents as soon as their child becomes truant.

Students will also skip class less often if they know an SMS messaging system is in place. They will think twice before ditching class since their teacher will send an immediate message alerting their parents of their child’s actions. If the school enables response requests, parents can tell teachers why their child isn’t in class if they have an acceptable excuse.

3. Alert Parents About Upcoming Exams and Tests

Busy parents often have trouble keeping up with their child’s academic schedule. Sending a mass SMS message keeps families up-to-date with their children’s classwork, informing them about upcoming tests and exams.

Parents that know about their child’s approaching exam schedule are more likely to tell their son or daughter to study, improving their test scores and your school’s academic performance. Sending families a friendly SMS message is one of the best ways to remind parents of upcoming due dates and exam times so they can crack down on their child’s studies. It’s a great way to keep parents informed and allow children to perform at their optimal efficiency level.

4. Provide Resources to Family Members

Some students have trouble learning in a traditional classroom setting and need additional resources to achieve academic success. Unfortunately, many parents struggle to find high-quality tutoring or educational resources outside the school. SMS messaging allows teachers to send beneficial academic resources to parents directly, giving them the help they need to further their children’s education.

Teachers can help parents find professional tutors and educators specialising in their child’s weaker academic areas. For example, if a student has trouble reading and writing, their teacher can recommend an English tutor focusing on those specific subjects. Using SMS messages to help parents find academic resources will help students achieve their scholarly goals and set them up for future success.

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