How to Streamline Your Business Text Messaging

How to Streamline Your Business Text Messaging

Nowadays, smartphones are everywhere. Text messaging is the most effective way for a business to communicate with its customers and employees. An SMS is typically a short message, so use those characters wisely.

Research shows that 68% of customers are likely to purchase from a business that offers convenient ways to communicate. Customers want speed and tend to gravitate towards businesses that provide it.

One of the best ways to get more sales is by adding business text messaging to a marketing campaign. Businesses can add SMS integrations to streamline operations internally and externally.

Options for Business Text Messaging

Businesses of any size can benefit from bulk SMS marketing. SMS campaigns are an excellent way to interact with your customer base, attract new customers, and increase sales.

Build Your Subscriber Database

First, learn what data your organisation already has. It may surprise you how much data your business has collected. Streamline the database by removing duplicates and investigate how the data can add value to your business.

Generate More Leads

Collecting phone numbers for SMS marketing can pay off. Suppose you run a site where you collect the details of your customers. During the transaction, ask customers if you can send them promotional texts or contact them about their order via SMS. 

Shortcode opt-ins are also a great way to increase your customer pool. You can advertise the shortcode number and an SMS keyword to receive leads and interactions from your website or emails.

Try SMS Template Messages

Text message templates make it easier to connect with customers. Your text messages should attract your customers’ attention while providing information clearly and concisely. A well-executed text message uses triggers or call-to-actions that create a sense of urgency and resonate with the audience. 

Whether you want to sell more products or just announce something exciting, text message templates will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Automate Your Workflow

SMS automation can enhance your company’s operational efficacy. Automating customer conversations will help you reduce time spent on manual tasks. 

SMS automation makes it easy to reach customers anywhere and at any time. Take advantage of automation by using keyword triggers, autoresponders, or scheduled texts. Then you can concentrate on more pressing tasks such as improving products and services.

Business Text Messaging for Your Organisation

Usually, businesses use email to communicate within their organisation. While email messages do have a place in most businesses, they are not very effective. The open rate 111for emails is 34%, and many employees miss important information and alerts.

An alternative to emailing and talking face-to-face is sending notes or questions via text message.

Stay Connected to Your Employees with SMS

With so many communication channels available to a business, why make your employees learn a new application? Text messaging is low-cost, easy to set up, and requires no training. Text messages have an open rate of 94% and take three minutes or less to read. 

Using SMS messages to contact your employees can be a great addition to your internal communications toolkit. Business text messaging makes it easy to share important information with employees. Consider these benefits:


      1. More Productivity: SMS messages provide real-time access to information for your employees through announcements, encouraging reminders, and interactive surveys. Well-informed employees stay more productive.
      1.  Send Emergency Communications: The timing of a message can make all the difference in an emergency. Text messages arrive instantly, allowing employees to take the appropriate measures to ensure their safety.


SMS services make it easy to send text messages to the right person or people at the right time. With business SMS, you can segment your audience for more relevant messaging.

Internal SMS communication is a handy tool for any business. Be sure to use a secure platform so that no external parties can access any communications shared via text.

Why Business Texting Matters

One of the best things about business texting is how simple and easy it is to automate communications, even on a large scale. As part of your overall communication strategy, sending short, concise messages is a great way to communicate. SMS messages are quick, non-intrusive, and can reach people globally. 

Sending SMS messages works well to advertise, but it can also change how you communicate with your employees. With SMS technology, businesses can now create a complete strategy for internal communication.

Business text messaging requires the right text messaging service. Besides an easy-to-use interface, the service should be accessible from any device and easy to integrate within your business’s ecosystem. Selecting the right provider ensures long-term success. 

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