Connect With Your Customers Using an SMS Loyalty Program

Connect With Your Customers Using an SMS Loyalty Program

Any business needs to encourage customer loyalty, and countless companies across industries have adopted customer loyalty programs to accomplish this goal. These loyalty programs can be very effective, but today’s consumers belong to dozens of them, and it can be challenging to maintain active users.

This article will share how customer loyalty programs can help you with customer retention, what features to include, and the benefit of using SMS loyalty programs to encourage sustained activity from your loyalty program members.

Customer Loyalty Programs

A customer loyalty program allows clients to sign up and receive rewards for continuously purchasing your products and services or engaging with your brand. One of the most common types is a point-based program where each dollar spent earns the customer a certain number of points. The customer can then redeem their points for discounts, freebies, and other rewards.

Customer loyalty programs encourage loyal customers by providing incentives, rewards, special discounts, and exclusive offers.

Features of an Effective Loyalty Program

Consider the features when building your loyalty program to see the best results.

      • Customer referral rewards: You can reach many potential customers using customer referrals. Include a referral reward system in your customer loyalty program to encourage current customers to tell their friends and family about you.
      • Point and reward tracking: Make it easy for your customers to track their loyalty points and rewards, or they won’t be inclined to use them. Provide clear instructions for your clients to follow on how to earn and redeem reward points.
      • Thoughtful rewards and incentives: The same incentive may not be appropriate for every customer or industry. When determining the program rewards, keep in mind your competition, your customers’ values, and how long it will take for each customer to earn that reward. If it takes a customer too long to earn a small reward, they may not bother remaining active in the program.
      • Customer contact: The average consumer is a member of several loyalty programs, so you need to make sure your business remains on their radar. Keep regular communication with member customers to encourage them to use your services.

One excellent way to maintain contact with your customers is through SMS loyalty programs.

SMS Loyalty Programs

Consider a text-based loyalty program rather than relying on email reminders that may remain unopened for days (or forever). SMS loyalty programs allow you to use convenient SMS texts to encourage customer loyalty and engagement with the program. Today’s consumers are much more likely to open a text over an email, so why not take advantage?

You can alert customers to current reward point values using automated messages, offer new rewards and incentives, gather customer feedback, and more through SMS-driven loyalty programs. A customer may become inactive in the program simply because they forget about it. Help them out with reminder texts and special offers.

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