6 Promotional and Sales Templates for SMS Marketing

6 Promotional and Sales Templates for SMS Marketing

Every industry in the modern market is taking advantage of the benefits of using SMS alerts and notifications. With quick response times and an open rate of 98%, SMS marketing is the best way to reach your customers and update them on your company’s latest business ventures. 

Using an engaging SMS template can help increase your customers’ response rate, and in turn, boost sales. Each promotion SMS blast sample listed below can help improve your business’s SMS marketing and customer service efforts.

Promo Message Examples

When creating engaging content, use the following template as the basis for your SMS marketing alerts. 

1.    Seasonal Promotion

Customer shopping trends are often seasonal, meaning that they shop more during certain times of the year. Whether your business is running deals for holiday shopping or the start of a new season, SMS promotional notifications can alert your customers to upcoming deals. 

      • Template 1: “The [season] is approaching, and we want to invite you to an exciting new [event]. Reply back with [keyword] to RSVP.”
      • Template 2: “Hey [customer name]! Get a head start on your [holiday] shopping by getting [promotional discount] with promo code [promo code]. [website link] “

2.    Flash Sales

Using SMS marketing campaigns is an effective way to quickly notify customers of upcoming flash sales. Consider using these promo message examples for your next flash sale SMS alert. 

      • Template 1: “Flash sale! For [time frame] only, get [discount] on all [promotional product]. Shop now! [website link]”
      • Template 2: Flash Sales! For a limited time only, get [promotional product] for [discount]! Offer only available [time frame]. [website link].”


3.    Ticket Promos

Notify customers of an upcoming event by using promotional SMS alerts. With a simple marketing message, you can inform recipients of early bird specials, discount codes, and event deadlines. Consider using the following promotion SMS blast sample for your next ticket promotion.

      • Template: “Early bird tickets for [event] are available now! Secure your spot and save some money by getting yours now: [website link].”


4.    Free Trial Advertisements

Offering free trials is a great way to introduce a customer to your product or service. You can use SMS promotional alerts to help increase customer retention.

      • Template: “Need more time to decide? Use promo code: [promo code] for [discount/ promotion] on your account. [website link].”


5.    Product Promos

When you introduce a new item to your product line, keeping your customers in the know is essential. SMS marketing notifications are a great way to introduce a new product release and engage your customer base. 

      • Template: “New product alert! Check out the new [release] and be one of the first to grab yours! [website link]”

SMS marketing campaigns are also helpful for promoting specific products. Consider using the following promotion SMS blast sample template for your next product promotion. 

      • Template: “In need of a new [product]? We’ve got you covered! Get [promotion] from now till [end date]. [website link].”


6.    Annual Sales

Annual promotions lead to more sales and returning customers. Keep them informed by using SMS marketing alerts. Use the following promo message examples to get started.

      • Template 1: “It’s here! Our annual sale gets you [discount] off from [date] to [date]. Don’t delay!”
      • Template 2: “The annual sale starts [date], but you can get a head start on the savings by replying with [keyword] to get the deals now!”

Whatever product or service you want to promote, SMS marketing notifications will quickly alert your customers to upcoming deals and give them easy access to your website. Use a promotion SMS blast sample from above or create your own to engage your customers and boost sales!

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