The Benefits of SMS That Every Business Should Know

The Benefits of SMS That Every Business Should Know

Business owners are always looking for new ways to reach new customers and grow their up-and-coming enterprises. Although email marketing and making phone calls to potential customers worked well in the past, these approaches aren’t as effective as they used to be. However, sending SMS messages to your target audience is one of the best modern marketing strategies to help your business thrive in today’s highly competitive market.

That’s why our team at touchSMS constructed a short guide to teach you some of the leading SMS benefits for businesses.

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Top SMS Benefits for Businesses

SMS marketing, better known as text message marketing, is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and reach new customers. In fact, 90% of mobile phone users open SMS messages within three minutes, putting your brand in front of thousands of potential customers. Below are some of the most prevalent SMS benefits for businesses.

1. Personal Advertising

SMS messages are more personal than other marketing strategies. You can individualise each text to make potential customers feel like you’re speaking to them directly. Personalised messages create stronger bonds between businesses and clients, increasing their chances of utilising your service or buying your products.

Personalising SMS messages is as easy as adding a customer’s name to the text. Adding a customer’s name to your business’s SMS message will grab their attention and give them more confidence in your service. It makes them feel your company cares and doesn’t view them as just another customer.

Utilising CRM data (if your company has interacted with the customer previously) and creating smooth transitions when transferring them to another department are also efficient strategies that will make your SMS marketing messages more personable.

2. Gets Your Advertisements to People Faster

SMS advertisements are the fastest way to put your brand in front of more faces. Text messages reach phones almost instantly, alerting potential customers about flash sales and limited-time offers without delay. They also allow you to send important business updates that keep customers informed if your company closes early or a shipping issue occurs.

3. SMS Messages Reach More Potential Customers

One of the biggest SMS benefits for businesses is that text messages reach more people than email and sales calls. Around 7.26 billion people (91% of the world’s population) own mobile phones, making SMS messages the best marketing tool to expand your audience. Although most people have an email address, only 21.33% open sales messages by email, limiting your reach to less than a quarter of your potential customers.

Since 90% of mobile phone users open text messages within three minutes, SMS marketing allows you to maximise your company’s reach more than any other advertising strategy.

SMS marketing messages also allow you to connect with a global audience efficiently. While newspaper ads and television commercials put your brand in front of customers in a specific region, text messages reach people worldwide. Utilising SMS marketing is a fantastic way to reach customers you wouldn’t connect with using other advertising strategies.

4. Affordable

SMS messages are one of the most affordable and effective marketing tools available. Unlike TV and radio ads, text messages don’t cost a small fortune and allow you to buy in bulk for additional savings. SMS messages are also cheaper than most printed ads and have a bigger audience.

5. SMS Messages Don’t Require an Internet Connection

SMS marketing messages allow you to promote your goods and services without an internet connection. You can reach your target audience anywhere in the world without worrying about deliverability.

Although many urban areas have readily available internet connections, some rural regions don’t have the luxury, especially overseas. Text messages allow you to advertise your business to metropolitan and rustic communities without internet connections, expanding your audience to the utmost degree.

6. Enhanced Customer Engagement

People are more likely to engage with SMS advertisements than emails and other forms of marketing. Customers are eight times more likely to respond to text adverts than other digital promotions.

Office employees receive around 120 emails a day, making it exceedingly unlikely that they will respond to or even see your email advertisement. However, around 30% of potential customers reply to SMS messages, making it a much more efficient marketing strategy.

7. SMS Advertisements Put Your Business in Front of a Younger Audience

Younger generations are moving away from emails as their primary form of digital communication. Studies show that 75% of millennials favour SMS messaging over email and phone calls, making text advertisements the best way to target younger audiences.

8. Simpler and Less Time-Consuming

SMS messages are easy to develop and don’t take long to construct. You can create an efficient and straightforward text advertisement in a few minutes or less, allowing you to promote your business without taking unnecessary time away from your daily work routine. Personalising SMS adverts only takes a few extra minutes and still demands less time than creating individualised emails.

You can also utilise SMS automation programs to generate personalised text message advertisements faster and more efficiently. Automation programs allow you to send thousands of individualised advertisements to your target audience with a push of a button, making them essential tools for digital marketing campaigns.

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