How to Make Communicating with SMS Easier

How to Make Communicating with SMS Easier

Never has communication been easier. touchSMS offers unique SMS features that help you connect your business to the right people in real-time. We live in a digital world where people are always closely connected to their devices.

How are you reaching the people you need to communicate with? Digital devices connected to the internet are constantly buzzing, pinging, and dancing with notifications. How can you be sure that your message is getting noticed?

Why an SMS Service?

Unlike phone calls, emails, or even push notifications, text messages have a high open-rate.

Studies show that people open 90% of SMS messages within three minutes.

Integrating an SMS service plan into your business strategy will allow your messages to be seen and engaged with. Not only do SMS messages get noticed faster than other forms of digital communication, but they are also easier to interact with for the recipient.

If you are trying to communicate with someone and receive a response in return, text messages are one of the most effective ways to gather responses.

Practical SMS Message Applications

We know that people view and interact with text messages much faster than other digital communication forms, but what does this mean for you? There is a multitude of ways that SMS messages can revolutionise your business.

      • The Virtual Office. The world has evolved into a big virtual office, but how do you connect with your employees in real-time? Text messages can allow you to check-in with employees and contractors in real-time. You can get real-time feedback about meetings and projects, and you can even send emails with text. This SMS feature is great for ensuring that your employees see important information on time.
      • Client Relationships. One of the most popular ways businesses connect to their customer or client base is through text messages. You can quickly and easily send out an SMS message about a sale. Thinking even bigger, you can use SMS campaigns to confirm appointments, send out delivery notifications, and convey other important information to your customers.
      • SMS Integrations. We can integrate SMS text with other popular platforms like HubSpot, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more. This integration makes it easier to use these platforms in cases like Slack, where you can receive your messages as text notifications. Integrating with platforms like HubSpot allows your business to better engage with customers to receive real-time responses.

SMS Features and Integrations

Internal Communication

When you integrate SMS with popular platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, you have the control to decide when and how you display and distribute information. Here, you can have a timeline and record of certain communications while ensuring that you’re routing important information to the right people.

SMS text is a fundamental way to create a cohesive team in a virtual world. SMS messages keep everyone in the loop with up-to-the-minute information that makes it easier for teams to work together.

Have you heard the joke about the meeting that could have been an email? The reason that meeting wasn’t an email is that it can take a long time for people to read and respond to emails. Time is money.

Email to SMS integration allows your team to see that email much faster than if it just landed in an inbox. As a result, your team can share information more quickly, iterate faster, and avoid some of those meetings.

SMS Campaigns and External Communication

Like SMS features that enable better internal communication, SMS campaigns help create better external communication. You can build campaigns to send to specific customers at certain times.

If you’re having a seasonal sale on specific merchandise with a target audience, you can create specialised messages for these customers. Maybe you are running a campaign to get more SMS subscribers. You can easily create a custom message offering something special to first-time opt-in subscribers.

You can quickly reach out to customers and clients you haven’t interacted with in a while and re-engage with them.

SMS campaigns are perfect for special promotions, sales, and engaging with clients. Furthermore, SMS messaging can play an integral role in client communication.

SMS messages can notify your customers that their package has been shipped or delivered. With an SMS message, you can easily confirm appointments or send additional information to clients, like an address or special instructions for arrival. This is the type of time-sensitive information that your client would not want to dig up from their email inbox.

Positive, efficient interactions build long-lasting relationships. This is the kind of crucial communication that forges solid customer relationships. An SMS service makes the communication of that critical information much easier, and it allows your customer to reply in real-time.

Life Happens in Real-Time

What makes an SMS service so reliable and successful? Text messages happen in real-time. There are many great forms of communication like email and even phone calls, but nothing is easier for the recipient than an SMS text message.

Text messaging doesn’t require logging in or going to a browser. It only requires a mobile phone, which people keep with them nearly 24/7 these days. It doesn’t require the recipient to take a phone call when they may be otherwise occupied or unable to talk.

One of the more significant benefits of text messaging is that replies can be short. They do not require much thought or length.

Whether you’re managing a team of virtual superstar employees or trying to connect with your customer base, touchSMS offers a wide range of products and SMS features that will take your communications to the next level. Highly efficient and incredibly easy to integrate, an SMS service can expedite your communication needs.

touchSMS offers integrations with platforms you already use and love, like Slack, HubSpot, Microsoft Teams, Excel, and so much more. Contact us today to get started with your SMS service.