How SMS Marketing Can Help Improve Your Website Traffic

How SMS Marketing Can Help Improve Your Website Traffic

More than 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, and most people keep their devices on them at all times. SMS marketing uses text messaging to target current or potential customers who spend the most time: on their phones. 

That’s why an SMS marketing campaign is one of the easiest ways to improve site traffic. SMS alerts can direct customers to your website with one well-crafted text informing them of new products and offers.

If a customer has consented to receive SMS alerts from you, they’re likely already interested in what you have to offer. From there, SMS marketing makes these customers the first to know about your newest sales or services. It costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain one you have, so these are the customers you want to target in your SMS marketing strategy. 


SMS Messages vs. Emails

Unless it’s concerning work, most emails will go unread forever. Even if customers subscribe to your company’s email marketing list, they aren’t as likely to open your emails as they are to open a text message sent directly to their phone. This does not mean email is entirely useless as a marketing channel, but it explains why text messaging has a leg up.

SMS messaging alerts customers to news in real-time, which sparks a different level of curiosity. This marketing method is the fastest, simplest way to connect with your target audience and let them know what you have to offer.


Common Uses for SMS Messaging

In addition to improving site traffic via SMS marketing or promoting new products and services, you can also use SMS messaging to alert customers of current events, news, customer orders, and more. If your customers have SMS service on their devices, they can receive your updates.


Company News

Use SMS messaging to alert people of important information as they move throughout the day. You may choose to update your employees about closures due to holidays or inclement weather or remind them of other upcoming events.

You could also use SMS messaging to let your customers know that your company is aware of important issues happening around the world and show your support. Don’t underestimate the importance of letting your customers know you care about what is important to them.


Customer Order Information

You can customize SMS messaging to each customer’s needs and account information. You can update your customer about any delays in their shipment or issues with their payment information. This will bring important updates to the customer’s immediate attention and quickly inform them if action is required on their end.

This can significantly improve operations for your business and save you, your customers, and your team a lot of time and resources. Your customers will appreciate being informed sooner than later. Providing timely updates gives the impression that your company is on top of things and aware of the customer’s experience.


Sales Promotion

The most common and beneficial reason to use SMS messaging is to let your customers know about new offers. If you’re having a sale, let your target audience know first!

Of course, you will promote your sale all over your website, offering discount codes and other details. However, if you only promote on your website, your sales are limited to those customers who visit your site that day or happened to open that marketing email.

SMS marketing gets customers interested by grabbing their attention in real-time. You could even offer exclusive promo codes for customers who receive SMS messaging. This will keep customers more engaged and offer an incentive to remain subscribed to SMS alerts.


How to Improve Site Traffic with SMS Messaging

SMS messaging has two major advantages over other forms of marketing:

      1. Conciseness
      2. A 98% open rate


Text messages tell your customer exactly what you want them to do in one line and can spring customers to action in seconds. Because the messages are (hopefully) clear and short, the customer will likely want to click on your link to learn more about your offer.


How to Engage Customers

If you want customers to click the links you send, you must first decide what you want the customer to receive from your message. Two of the most common ways to use SMS messaging are to educate customers or ask for feedback on your products.


Educating Your Customer

If your customers regularly ask similar questions about products or services, use SMS marketing as an opportunity to educate them. You can send links to video tutorials, quick tips, or blog posts.

Take advantage of having direct access to your customers. Think about what you really want them to know and ask yourself what information will add to their overall experience with you.


Asking For Feedback

SMS messaging is perfect for collecting feedback. It’s quick and easy for customers and highly beneficial for boosting your brand’s reputation. It’s always good to know what your customers feel about your brand and how you can improve.

You even can send out a quick survey for your customers to complete and post the feedback directly to your reviews page.

A well-planned SMS marketing campaign is the fastest, most efficient method of connecting with your customers in real-time. Explore our website for more tips about how to improve site traffic with SMS marketing.