touchSMS has launched an application

to you bring a SMS solution through Slack.

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Now install our app to Slack.

Setup instructions below

Install touchSMS Slack App

  1. Login to touchSMS
  2. Using the navigation on the left click
  3. Click “Add to Slack” button.

Follow the steps in Slack. You’ll need to select your team and channel on the Slack page.

Once installed you’ll be redirected back to touchSMS.

Using the Application

Our app allows you to send SMS from Slack.

Now that it’s installed, jump into the Slack channel that has the app installed.

Start typing


The tooltip will appear to show you how to format your message.

Continue typing the phone number and message as below;

/sms 0491570159 Hello - I'm sending this SMS from Slack.

This is setting up the process to send the message “Hello – I’m sending this SMS from Slack.” to 0491 570 159

A confirmation notification will be shown. It confirms the phone number and the message you’re about to send. If you’re happy with the content and phone number click Send SMS, otherwise you can click Cancel to start again.

Your message has now been sent.

Receiving Replies

The replies will appear under Direct Messages from slackbot. They are private and can only be seen by you, not other users in the channel.

The left side shows the original message you sent out, and the right shows the reply that your user sent.

In the footer is the mobile number that sent the reply.

If someone responds to your message then the reply will be send to Slack.