SMS Gateway Australia

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SMS Gateway Australia

Australian and New Zealand businesses that want to connect with their customers need an effective channel to reach them and touchSMS’ SMS Gateway is the perfect tool. When you use an SMS Gateway, you gain the ability to connect with your customers via text messages. For the best results, you need an SMS provider that is reliable, easy to use, and affordable.

Why should I use an SMS Gateway?

Whether you’re sending a mass SMS message or a single personalised one, touchSMS supports you. You don’t have to leave your customer relationships up to an uncustomisable SMS Gateway.


Australian privacy laws can make communicating properly with your customers difficult; we offer affordable options to send text messages while keeping both you and your Australian and New Zealand customers’ information well-protected.


Being an SMS provider isn’t only about text messages, SMS Gateways exist everywhere. When you partner with an Australian and New Zealand SMS provider, it supports the local economy and can also keep your business compliant with ever-changing privacy laws.

What else does an SMS Gateway provide?

touchSMS provides a full suite of services as an SMS Gateway. Other ways we help businesses in Australia and New Zealand include (but are not limited to):


  • Easy implementation of full marketing campaigns via SMS
  • Full use of our SMS campaign manager to create and manage campaigns
  • Comprehensive analytic reporting on a cloud-based platform
  • Use of our cloud-based platform to access and send messages from Australia and New Zealand and beyond
  • A unique number that shows your customers that your business is local to Australia (for Australian customers)
  • APIs that seamlessly integrate your SMS Gateway with the rest of the apps you use


SMS Gateways are invaluable tools to businesses, especially those that deliver appointment reminders, service updates, and internal staff communications. touchSMS is easy and quick to implement with options for businesses of all sizes.

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